The warm up started yesterday with temps in the mid 40’s and then a little rain. I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, Eagle River, Conover and St. Germain trails. St. Germain groomed last night and their trails were smooth. The Sayner, Eagle River and Conover trails I rode hadn’t been groomed. The Sayner and Eagle River trails were pretty smooth but did have bumps in areas areas while the Conover trail I rode was getting bumpy. Temps only dropped to the low 30’s last night so trails were softer today. As of this morning, I’m still giving the trails a good rating. Overall trails still have plenty of snow and are really nice. Scraped the carbides on a few insides of corners which are showing a little bare ground and some plowed road trails have a little pavement showing in spots. Other than that, the only complaint was some bumps. Temps are suppose to get into the 40s today and tomorrow with some rain. Remember, trail conditions can change quickly – for the better or for the worse. We’ll see how the trails hold up with the warm temps and some rain.

Expect the lakes to get slushy as the warm up continues.

Caution: snowbanks along the roads are unusually high making it difficult for sledders and vehicles to see. Slow down on plowed road trails as cars pulling out of driveways or side roads can’t see you coming. Also, some signs have been covered by the snow. If you see a stop ahead or stop sign covered up – stop and clear them off.

A word of caution. There are a LOT of deer on the trails because the snow in the woods is so deep.

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