I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Lake Tomahawk, Sayner, Arbor Vitae and Boulder Junction trails. The St. Germain, Sayner, Boulder Junction and Lake Tomahawk trails I rode had been groomed. The Arbor Vitae ones I rode looked like they were groomed the day before and were overall smooth with a little chop. The groomed trails were smooth and nice to ride. There were trails that were all white, smooth and beautiful. You will find trails which have snirt and are brown, majority of corners are pushed out making them icy and/or thin on snow. Carbides will scrape in areas. Be very careful as some trails are very icy, especially in corners. The sun and warm temps did do some melting yesterday but trails are overall holding up. You will find some bare areas but there are some really nice trails.

Plowed road trails are a mixed bag. Where the ice base didn’t melt they are fine. Where they melted to bare pavement, carbides will scrape a lot.


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