The cold temps are here. The past 4 mornings have been -22, -22, -30 and -19. We got above 0 yesterday afternoon so went for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. All had been groomed recently and with the cold weather were packed in solid. There were some bumps in spots but not enough to complain about. The groomers have done a great job with last week’s snow. It’s hard to give an overall rating to the trails so I’ll try to break it down. Straight stretches are mostly good with some fair. Corners range from poor to good – some don’t have enough snow and the carbides scrape while others have a decent base and no scraping. Some areas are brownish from snirt while others are all white and beautiful.

Lakes are getting bumpy in areas and if you go off the marked trail there is slush.

Trails are the best we’ve seen so far this season so put on your warmest gear and ride.

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