I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, Arbor Vitae, Lake Tomahawk and St. Germain trails. Arbor Vitae and Lake Tomahawk groomed last night. The Sayner trails I rode hadn’t been groomed. Some St. Germain were groomed while others were not. Lows were around 0 so trails were packed in. The groomed ones were great. Could have rode them all day long. Some of the ungroomed ones were getting decent size bumps and I wanted to turn around. Corners had plenty of snow on them but some are getting the moguls in them. Only scraped the carbides on a few spots on plowed road trails. There was some melting yesterday with sun and temps in the 30s mainly on road and highway crossings. Trails are still in the best shape of the season. Get out and ride and enjoy the great trails. Temps are suppose to get into the 40s the next few days and rain is predicted so we’ll have to see how trails hold up.

Lakes are bumpy and if you get off the marked trails expect deep powder with pockets of slush.

With all this snow, snowbanks along the roads are unusually high making it difficult for sledders and vehicles to see. Slow down on plowed road trails as cars pulling out of driveways or side roads can’t see you coming. Also, some signs have been covered by the snow. If you see a stop ahead or stop sign covered up – stop and clear them off.

A word of caution. There are a LOT of deer on the trails because the snow in the woods is so deep.

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