I headed out for a ride this morning hitting some St. Germain and Sayner trails. St. Germain groomed and it looked like  Sayner had groomed recently. Trails are more in fair to ok category with some poor spots and I did find a couple  good ones that were all white and you didn’t scrape much. Carbides will scrape more, especially in thin areas and on corners. Also was scraping on straight stretches too. Narrow trails or ones in the woods were snirty and had icy, pushed out corners. Some trails have nasty bumps that the groomers can’t get out as there isn’t enough snow to work with.

Plowed road trails have somewhat of an ice base but your carbides will scrape a lot.

The good news is that lakes are in good shape. They are smooth with enough snow.

Trails are ridable but you will get wear and tear on your snowmobile. You will hit decent areas but will find poor and fair areas. We definitely could use more snow to bump more trails into the good category.

Note: Oneida County trails are opening at noon today.


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