The warmth continues… Neither of us rode today, didn’t feel like going out in the rain. Yesterday was in the upper 30’s but overnight it warmed into the low 40’s where we are right now at 9:30am. We did have some rain yesterday evening and last night but hasn’t been too heavy. Today is suppose to warm to 50 and then cool back into the 20’s tonight and stay mostly below freezing for the weekend. We’re not sure how the trails will hold up. Yesterday afternoon they were wet, soft and slushy. Our best guess is that trails in the woods should hold their base with some insides of corners starting to get some bare spots. Main corridor trails, town trails and plowed road trails will be the hardest hit. Yesterday afternoon some plowed road trails were showing pavement while others were holding okay. Once the temp drops tonight expect things to freeze up solid. There’s light snow predicted tonight but less than an inch. Lubrication for the slides and loose snow for cooling sleds will probably be the main issue.

Looking at the lake right now it just looks like a big slushy mess.

We’ll update as soon as we know more.

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