I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. The Eagle River trails I rode had been groomed, most of the St. Germain ones were groomed and some of the Sayner ones were. Lake Tomahawk hadn’t groomed the ones I rode. Trails that had been groomed were smooth and packed in nice. The Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails that weren’t groomed were still pretty smooth with some small bumps in areas but not enough to complain about. The one St. Germain trail I found that hadn’t been groomed was really bumpy. Some trails are all white while others have some areas with snirt making them brownish. Majority of the corners are holding snow but some are getting pushed out making them icy and/or thin on snow on the insides. My carbides scraped a few times on corners but not too much. There’s a lot of really nice trails out there. Traffic has dropped way off giving the groomers a chance to catch up after the busy holiday period.

Note: The trail on the east side of St. Germain between intersection numbers 287 & 288 is closed.

Plowed road trails range from having a decent ice base to having areas that are thin. My carbides were scraping in areas.

More lakes are getting marked. If a lake is not marked or you’re not sure about the ice, consider it unsafe. Please stay off the lakes until they are safe. There are some nasty frozen ruts on the lakes that are marked.

I’m going with an overall good rating on the trails. There are some fair areas and a few poor spots, but most are good to excellent.

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