The weather started out as rain this morning and around 8 it switched over to sleet and snow. We’ve gotten about a half inch so far and it’s still snowing. Let’s hope for lots more. I headed out for a short ride hitting a few St. Germain trails. They had been groomed last night. I’m still giving the trails a fair rating. Yesterday hit 34 degrees so there was some more melting but at least the sun didn’t come out. Most areas are fair, some are bad and then there are some good areas. Trails are pretty smooth with some areas having some bumps – mainly due to not enough snow to fill in ruts or uneven ground. The carbides were scraping and majority of the trails are brownish in color from snirt. Corners get pushed out as more sleds ride on them and are thin on snow. Some areas have rocks coming up. Straight stretches are better as they hold the snow better but some still have lots of snirty areas. Found areas that are good being white with decent snow. Plowed road trails are very thin on snow and the carbides were scraping a lot on them. Majority of lakes are marked – we advise you only ride a lake if the trail is marked. Watch for frozen ruts on the lakes – there are areas that are really nasty.

The groomers are doing what they can with the snow we do have. We really could use more snow to improve the trails. Let’s hope it snows all day. This snow is heavy and wet so it should give us a much better base and temps are suppose to drop tomorrow so we should keep any snow that we get.

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