I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain and Sayner trails. All the trails I rode were all freshly groomed. Trails were packed in  nice as temps were down to -17 this morning. They were smooth and fun to ride. Corners had plenty of snow on them. I have to say that trails are in the best shape they’ve been in all season.

I read the Lake Tomahawk trail report and feel they did a great job saying how conditions are right now so here is what they said. “After grooming it doesn’t take very many sleds to make it rough again. The snow is the type that does not freeze very hard. We are out there but maybe not at the time you go riding. A few dozen sleds ahead of you makes the trail not look very smooth. It is going to take more than a couple groomings to make the snow workable that it will stay in place a little longer so You will find spots a little rough at times till the groomer goes through again. Watch for tree branches on the trail. They keep breaking off and falling on the trail. Some are real big too. The corners are very icy and narrow, so take it easy till you get the feel of the snow over the ice.”

Lakes are bumpy and if you get off the marked trails expect deep powder with pockets of slush.

With all this snow, snowbanks along the roads are unusually high making it difficult for sledders and vehicles to see. Slow down on plowed road trails as cars pulling out of driveways or side roads can’t see you coming. Also, some signs have been covered by the snow. If you see a stop ahead or stop sign covered up – stop and clear them off.

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