A little light snow fell last night but only amounted to a dusting. We both headed out for rides hitting some St. Germain, Sayner, Lake Tomahawk and Eagle River trails. The Eagle River ones I rode had been groomed. Some Sayner trails were groomed while others weren’t. The groomed ones were smooth while the others ranged from smooth to bumpy. It didn’t look like St. Geramin groomed but their trails were still smooth. Lake Tomahawk hadn’t groomed and ranged from smooth to getting bumpy. It’s hard to give an overall rating to the trails as they vary quite a bit, from poor up to very good. Majority are in the fair to good range. There are areas with plenty of snow in nice condition that you’ll want to turn around and ride again. Then there are trails that are thin on snow and couldn’t wait to get off them. Corners range from poor to good – some don’t have enough snow and the carbides scrape while others have a decent base and no scraping. With more traffic, corners are getting pushed out. Some areas are brown from snirt while others are all white and beautiful.

The plowed road trails I rode are getting thin in areas so expect more carbide scraping. They have little to no loose snow.

Lakes are getting bumpy in areas and if you go off the marked trail there is slush.

It would be really nice if one of these snow storms would head our way instead to staying south. Some more snow would help the trails.

Note: In the pictures below, some trails will look whiter than they are due to the dusting of snow we received.

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