The waiting game continues… The snowmobile clubs in Vilas County met last night to discuss opening trails. They unanimously voted to keep the trails closed and not set a target date as to when they can possibly open.

This past week has not been kind to us. One day stayed below freezing and we had several days into the 40’s. Most nights were getting cold – teens to low 20’s so kept the melting to a minimum. Last night we didn’t drop below freezing so that hurt. We didn’t have much snow to begin with (4-6 inches) but are down to 1-3 inches.

There is some good news. The lakes (at least Little St. Germain) actually made more ice during the warm weather than the week of cold before the warm up. We now have 8-10 inches of ice in front of our place. We heard that some lakes have been marked and others will be soon.

Sometimes a little warm weather can help the trails. We’ve had just a little rain which has put moisture into the snow we have. Any trails that were panned or rolled and are holding snow should freeze up into a solid base. This base is what can keep the trail nice throughout the season. With an icy base, not much snow is needed to start riding. Unfortunately, some areas are bare so won’t have a base.

The forecast looks to cools us down starting tonight and stay cold for the rest of the forecast. There are some snow chances in the forecast too.

We’re hoping for snow so we can get out and ride!

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