I have heard from a few riders that trails were not too bad. So I headed out for a ride yesterday hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Conover and Sayner trails. All had been groomed recently. There were areas that were all white and great to ride, then you found areas that were snirty but still decent. Also found areas that were all brown and poor. Corners ranged from having snow to all ice and bare spots. There still isn’t much lube on the trails from the ice storm last weekend. Plowed road trails are the worst, more bare pavement showing and otherwise all ice. I’m going to give and overall rating of 50% still good to very good, 30% fair and 20% poor. It’s a mixed bag. You will find nice trails but will also hit poor ones to get to the good ones. Probably have tomorrow and Tuesday to ride and then we’re in the 40s for a week so trails will go downhill fast. I was surprised to find decent riding. It’s the end of the season so enjoy them while you can.

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