I headed out for a ride going 44 miles yesterday to see what the trails were like hitting St. Germain, Sayner and Eagle River trails. I did not expect very good trails so I was surprised to find them in better shape than I expected. The rain we had gave trails a nice solid base. There were icy areas and bumps and ruts left over from trucks driving on trails. Some stretches were nice, just need some more snow on them. Most plowed road trails have an ice base. My carbides didn’t scrape mush at all. Trails definitely could use more snow to bring them in better condition. I’m going to overall say trails are ok. They are definitely in early season condition. If you want good to very good trails, stay home. If you don’t mind marginal to ok to fair trails, come on up and ride.

Most lakes are now marked and are overall pretty smooth. Some have some ruts from the frozen slush.

The forecast looks to cool us down and stay cold for awhile. Let’s just hope for more snow.

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