I was excited to ride after the snow Thursday night and knowing that the groomers had been out last night to pack it all down and smooth it out. What I didn’t count on was fog… Riding in fog when the temperature is 5 doesn’t work. The fog instantly freezes to the face shield and even an electric shield didn’t help. So, after riding for a ways decided to turn around and go home. Had to stop at least a dozen times in 28 miles to scrape the ice off my shield. I did hit some St. Germain, Eagle River and Sayner trails. All were groomed. The snow did help and I’d say it brought some fair areas to good and some good to very good but there’s still some fair and a little poor. I was still scraping the carbides on some corners (not as many). Snirt is still there and mixed in with the new snow. Some trails are all white, some a little brown and some very brown.

Plowed road trails remain a thorn in our sides as they vary from poor to decent. Did see areas of bare pavement but others still with decent ice or hard pack snow.

The good news is that we just had 5 inches of snow and more is predicted tonight (hopefully we get it). The bad news is it’s suppose to be in the 30’s and 40’s for the next week so we’ll have to see how the trails hold up. Get out and ride while you can…

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