We picked up around 4 inches of much needed snow late last night after yesterday was 45 and sunny. I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River and Sayner trails. It didn’t look any of these clubs had groomed. Trails ranged from fairly smooth to bumpy. With the fresh snow it was hard to tell exactly how trails are. Where the base is still there from the warm up, trails are fine. Where it melted, this snow will help but carbides will scrape. There are still icy corners so be careful.

Plowed road trails seem to be either holding an ice base and are fine or are really melting exposing a lot of bare pavement.

It’s getting late in the season and warm temps are melting some areas. There are still plenty of nice trails but getting to them will mean riding some bad stuff.

Note: In the pictures, trails may look whiter than they are due to the fresh snow.

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