I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, Eagle River, Conover and St. Germain trails. Eagle River groomed last night and their trails were smooth. St. Germain had groomed the night before so their trails were smooth. It’s been a while since the Sayner and Conover trails I rode had been groomed. They ranged from smooth to bumpy. Overall I’m giving the trails I rode a fair/good rating. Some trails were beautiful and a blast to ride. I did see some fair and poor spots that were lean on snow with some bare ground. There also were some areas that melted to slush but did freeze back up. Some corners are icy so be careful. There are snirty areas so expect to see some brown trails.

Plowed road trails are the areas that are fair to poor. Some are holding an ice base while others are mostly bare pavement.

It’s getting late in the season and there is still some good riding. However, once an area has bare ground showing, any warm temps or sun will melt new snow quickly. This time of year trails can change quickly.

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