I headed out for a ride hitting some St. germain, Eagle River, Conover and Sayner Trails.  The St. Germain, Conover and Eagle River trails I rode had been groomed and were nice and smooth. Sayner hadn’t groomed and their trails were pretty rough. With the snow Thursday and Saturday nights and some grooming I’m listing the trails as good overall as that’s how most are. However, there are still some fair and even some poor areas. Then there’s some very good to excellent ones. Trails will range from all white and beautiful to mostly white with some brownish areas down to pretty brown from snirt. The insides of some corners are still thin and the carbides did scrape on some. Other corners have good snow cover and are fine. I found some that were so nice I wanted to turn around and run them again.

Plowed road trails really vary. There are some with a good ice/hard pack snow base while others are thin. Some have areas of bare pavement.

I was on several lakes today. There was some drifting yesterday but didn’t see any slush.

It figures that we finally get a bunch of snow and now the forecast is calling for highs around 40 for the next few days. Hopefully trails will hold up. Ride now if you can…

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