The warm weather the last couple days did take it’s toll on the trails. It was low to mid 40s and sunny over the weekend so definitely had more melting. I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner,  Lake Tomahawk and St. Germain trails. Sayner groomed the trails I rode. Trails refroze last night and where they groomed there were lots of ice/snow chunks from the melting and refreezing. Trails were rough and choppy. The ungroomed ones had bumps and some were getting nasty. Other areas were all smooth.  Conditions range from good to ok to fair and down to poor. Trails this morning were ridable. You will hit bad areas and then you will hit decent areas. Areas that saw the most melting are the insides of corners and trails that were brown from snirt that received sun all day. There are more spots with bare ground showing and icy areas. Also had puddles from the melting. The forecast looks grim the next few days. Today is 40 and sunny. Tomorrow is calling for rain and 40s. It’s looking like my sled will be parked after today.

Plowed road trails are a mixed bag. Some have a decent base while others had a lot of melting creating bare areas. Plan on your carbides scraping.

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