Snowmobile season is almost here! The state of Wisconsin says trails can officially open starting December 1st. However, that rarely happens nowadays with special deer hunting seasons that go into the first part of December and/or the lack of snow. We haven’t heard an official target opening date yet (provided there’s enough snow) but guess it will be somewhere in the December 10-20 range.

We had a cold and wet fall through October which has led to standing water in a lot of low areas and swamps. November has been cold and snowy but a few warm days have left us with only a couple inches of snow on the ground. We missed the big snowstorm that hit northern IL last weekend. That would’ve been a great base for the trails.

Lakes are ice covered. We have 5-6 inches of ice in front of our place so that’s a good sign. Stay off a lake until it’s marked.

We are suppose to warm into the low 30’s for a few days and then get cold next week. As of today, there isn’t much snow in the forecast so lets get things froze up solid and then get the snow we need to open the trails.

We’ll update again when we know more on possible trail opening or when conditions change.

Remember to get your trail passes early. All Wisconsin trail passes are mailed out. This means the local vendors don’t actually sell the passes. They process your request and give you a temporary paper receipt to use until your pass comes in the mail.

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