We both went for rides hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Lake Tomahawk and Sayner trails. Eagle River and Sayner groomed last night while St. Germain had groomed the night before. Conditions range from poor to fair to some good stretches. Majority will be in the fair category. Most trails have an ice base with a little snow on top. It’s a mix of smooth, choppy and rutted trails. Where the ground was smooth, there’s no bumps, where it was bumpy or rutted, it’s still that way since there’s not enough snow to fill everything in yet. My carbides scraped in places but not that much. I didn’t have any overheating issues but some of our guests have. The groomers are doing what they can with the conditions we have. Most trails have a good base, but we need more snow to build that up and fill in the ruts and bumps.

Most lakes are marked. They are icy with little snow of them. Unless you know it’s safe, stay off a lake until it’s marked.

It’s great to have the base we do. There’s a warm up predicted starting today so let’s hope there’s minimal melting and get some snow soon.

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