Headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. The St. Germain, Sayner and Eagle River trails I rode had been groomed last night. The Lake Tomahawk trail I rode had been groomed the day before. Trails today were packed in nice. The groomed ones were smooth while the others had some small bumps but not bad. I’m going with an overall good rating on the trails. There’s a few poor spots and some fair areas but most is good with some excellent. Most trails have a decent ice or hard pack snow base. One area to be careful on is the corners. There are icy ones out there – especially when some late night riders go through right after a groomer and blow the snow off a bunch of them. The carbides will scrape in spots but not very much. Some trails are brownish with snirt. Others are all white and beautiful which means you’ll want to turn around and ride them again. Most plowed road trails are have an ice base with very little snow on them. There are a few areas with some bare pavement showing.

We’ve had a lot of wind the past few days so many of the lakes are bumpy from drifting snow.

Trails are good but will show more wear as traffic increases over the weekend. Some more snow would be nice…

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