We both headed out for rides hitting some Sayner, St. Germain, Lake Tomahawk, Arbor Vitae and Eagle River trails. The Eagle River trails I rode had been groomed. St. Germain and Sayner groomed majority of their trails I rode but not others. The Lake Tomahawk and Arbor Vitae ones I rode hadn’t been groomed. The groomed trails were smooth. The ungroomed ones ranged from smooth to very bumpy. I’m going with an overall good/fair rating. However, you’ll see anywhere from excellent down to bad. I found some trails that were all white, smooth and beautiful. Then there are trails which have snirt, majority of corners are pushed out making them icy and/or thin on snow. Carbides will scrape in areas. Be very careful as some trails are very icy, especially in corners.

Plowed road trails are a mixed bag. Where the ice base didn’t melt they are fine. Where they melted to bare pavement, carbides will scrape a lot.

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