Between Mother Nature and clubs not grooming, we have to say our sleds are parked unless we get a good snowfall. I headed out all day  Monday for a ride hitting, Sayner, Conover, Boulder Junction, Lake Tomahawk and St. Germain trails. Congrats to Eagle River and Boulder Junction for grooming after the 5 inch snow Sunday. Their trails were overall nice and smooth and nice to ride. Still was scraping in places but the base from grooming was better. The ungroomed trails were bumpy and corners were pushed out and icy or had bare spots. Also lots of snirt so trails were brown and scraped lots. There are nice trails out there but getting to them, you will have to hit poor areas, especially as the temps increase.

Temps are predicted to be warm this week and into next week so trails will continue to deteriorate. Mixed with sun, more bare spots and mud will be showing up.

Lakes are getting bumps and more slush is coming up.

If we happen to get enough snow to ride around here again, we’ll update but as of now, our sleds are parked.



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