We had snow showers throughout the day yesterday (some freezing drizzle mixed in at times) and a few last night. It added up to around another inch so our two day total was an inch and a half. I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner, Arbor Vitae/Woodruff and Lake Tomahawk trails. The St. Germain, Eagle River and Lake Tomahawk trails I rode were groomed. Sayner had groomed most of their trails I rode. The Arbor Vitae/Woodruff ones I rode looked like they had been groomed the day before. Trails were pretty smooth today. They did have a softer feel to them with the new snow. I’m keeping the trails as an overall fair/good rating. You’ll see everything from a few poor spots up to some excellent areas, but most will fall into the fair or good categories. One area to watch out for is icy corners. There are a lot of them out there – even with sharp carbides, I was pushing through some. There is some snirt out there in areas while other trails are mostly to all white. The carbides will scrape in spots – mainly on the insides of corners. I did ride some beautiful stretches that made me want to ride all day.

Most plowed road trails have an ice base with little snow on them. There are some spots where there’s a little bare pavement.

Some lakes are nice and smooth while others have had some drifting so are bumpy.

Any snow we get is great and gives the groomers more to work with – just wish the forecasters could be more accurate and not get our hopes up for meaningful snow only to get a little bit.

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