We had some light snow this morning but only added up to maybe a half inch. I headed out for a ride hitting some Eagle River and St. Germain trails. All the trails I rode had been groomed and were mostly smooth but there are areas groomers weren’t able to completely flatten out the bumps. Temps were warm yesterday, mid 30’s, and didn’t drop much last night as it was 30 this morning. The warm temps are keeping the trails soft so they aren’t setting up solid after a groomer goes through. It’s also easier for the corners to get pushed out so majority are getting thin on snow and icy so the carbides were scraping. More trails are getting brown from snirt. There are still areas that are mostly white and great to ride. I’m giving the trails an overall fair rating with majority in that category. There are poor spots but also some very good to excellent.

Plowed road trails suck. Carbides scrape constantly on them.

We really could use some snow. 4-6 inches of heavy wet snow would be wonderful…

Note: In the pics some trails will appear whiter than they are due to the new snow.

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