It was another cold night dropping down to -14 around 11:30 but fortunately warmed up to a balmy -6 by this morning. I headed out for a ride hitting some Eagle River, Lake Tomahawk, Sayner and St. Germain trails. The St. Germain and Eagle River trails I rode were groomed. Lake Tomahawk had groomed some but not all. Sayner had some trails that were groomed recently and in nice shape while others were pretty beat up. With the cold temps trails were packed in tight. The groomers are doing their best to pull snow back onto corners but I found some that were still icy and/or thin on snow on the insides.  It’s hard to give an overall rating on the trails. You’ll find a lot of good, some fair and some very good to excellent. I was still scraping the carbides in spots – mainly on the insides of corners and on plowed road trails. Speaking of corners, be careful as they get pushed out with traffic making them icy. Some trails have a brownish color from the snirt. I also found some sections that are all white, smooth as a road and really fun to ride.

Plowed road trails have been scraped down and a lot of them are plowed to the tree line. The carbides will scrape more and it’s hard to get on the banks.

Lakes are decent overall but there is some slush in areas. There are some frozen ruts in spots.

The town trails, heavily traveled corridor trails, and tight twisty trails will be more in the fair range. The more you can avoid these the better riding you should find.

Note: We did get a light dusting of snow last night so in the pics some trails will look whiter than they are.

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