Woke up to find a very light dusting of snow fell last night. I headed out for a ride planning to head towards northeast. However, I turned around when I reached the Eagle River trail I was going to take because it hadn’t been groomed for the second day in a row. So, instead I headed south hitting some St. Germain, Sugar Camp and an Eagle River trail. The St. Germain ones were groomed. Sugar Camp groomed some of their trails I rode but not others. Eagle River hadn’t groomed. It was chilly last night (5) so trails were packed in tight. Found conditions ranging across the board – from poor, fair, good and even some very good. Majority will be fair, then there’s a fair amount of good. While there’s not a lot of poor, there’s some. The poor areas are mainly town trails, plowed road trails and ones exposed to a lot of traffic and sunshine. These have an icy base with minimal snow and bare spots. Saw a lot of trails where some corners are thin on snow (some icy and some showing some bare ground) but then the straight stretches are fine. These will have snirt in areas – some just a little so they are mostly white with a little brownish tint and there are some that have a lot of snirt and are pretty brown. The best part is there are still some very good to excellent areas. These are all white with good snow cover.

Plowed road trails vary. There are areas with bare pavement and areas that are still ice/snow covered.

Lakes are getting bumpy in areas.

We’ve only had an inch of snow in the last 18 days. Despite this, there is still some good riding. You find it you’ll have to go over some fair and poor spots.

Just a side note: We’ve been hearing about and seeing lots of riders not stopping at stop signs or even slowing down for them. They are put up for a reason. Most are at road crossings where cars and trucks go by. So next time you think about blowing a stop sign without looking, there could be a propane truck going by – wonder who would win that one.

Note: Due to the dusting of snow, some trails in the pics will look whiter than they are.

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