We both headed out for rides hitting some St. Germain, Sayner, Eagle River and Lake Tomahawk trails. Trails were icy with the rain/freezing rain we had yesterday morning. St. Germain groomed last night and their trails and they were pretty smooth except the lake access trail that runs through Elbert’s which hasn’t been groomed and is awful. Most of their corners had snow pulled back onto them. Sayner had groomed recently and they were mostly smooth and most corners had snow on them. There were a few icy ones but not too many. Lake Tomahawk hadn’t groomed and their trails were very bumpy and most corners were all pushed out and icy. I’d definitely avoid these trails until they groom. Eagle River hadn’t groomed and they were bumpy and most corners were all pushed out and icy. I’m going to give trails an overall fair rating. There are still some good areas that are all white and nice to ride. There is a lot more brown/snirt coming showing on some trails. You will hit some poor areas where your carbides scrape and its all icy. A lot of trails had a very hard feel to them that made the sled feel twitchy. There isn’t much loose snow for cooling and for the slides.

The good news is that we kept the base in most areas and built it up in others. There are a couple chances for snow this week. Even a few inches would bump most trails into the good or better category. Let’s hope for some as the trails really need it.


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