A little more light snow fell last night but didn’t add to much, maybe a half inch at most. I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Sugar Camp and Eagle River trails. The Sugar Camp trails I rode had been groomed. Some St. Germain trails were groomed while others weren’t. The Eagle River trails I rode hadn’t been groomed. The groomed trails were nice – smooth with a little fresh snow on them. The ungroomed ones ranged from nice to getting bumpy. I found a few stretches that haven’t been groomed yet this season because they cross a swamp and aren’t safe for a groomer yet. These were rough and ranged from half mile to couple miles. My carbides were scraping on some corners but overall not too much. The insides of some corners are getting icy. There are some areas with snirt while other areas are all white. I’m going with an overall good rating but conditions range from fair to excellent.

Plowed road trails suck. Carbides were scraping constantly on them.

Most lakes are marked. Please stay on the marked trail.

Some colder temps are forecast which should help firm up the trails. They have a softer feel with the recent snow.

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