I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain and Eagle River trails. The trails I rode had been groomed. I’m still giving trails an overall good rating. Most had good snow cover, were smooth and mostly white. Traffic is picking up so there are more signs of wear starting to show. I did see some corners starting to get pushed out with a few of them getting icy or thin on snow on the insides. There are some more areas of snirt today but most trails are still white. I found some stretches that were freshly groomed and packed in solid – they were absolutely wonderful.

The plowed road trails are the areas that were most affected by the recent thaw. Some still have an ice base while others are more bare pavement than ice.

Most lakes are not marked and should be considered unsafe. Please stay off the lakes until they are safe. There are some pockets of deep slush in areas.

Riding is still good right now… however, the forecast for today through Monday is looking ugly – hopefully it won’t get as warm as predicted and the precip will be snow instead of rain…


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