Well, Mother Nature wasn’t kind to us this weekend. It was 47 and sunny on Saturday and it was 50 and sunny yesterday. I headed out yesterday afternoon to see how conditions held up hitting some St. Germain, Lake Tomahawk and Arbor Vitae trails. The warm up definitely took a toll on areas. Plowed road trails are mostly bare with a few still having some ice. Any areas where the sun hit were slushy and had several bare spots. Some corners are holding snow while others had puddles and bare spots. Town trails and road crossings are getting bare with puddles. Trails back in the woods are holding up and some are nice and all white. You’ll hit some bare spots and slushy areas. Temps last night dropped so trails will be all frozen with no lube on them. Lakes had some slush showing up.

The decision is whether to ride or not. If you can avoid road trails and areas that had sun hitting them, you’ll still find decent trails out there. You will definitely hit some bad areas to get to the decent ones. I know St. Germain didn’t groom last night. Not sure if any other clubs did. Today is suppose to be near 40 and sunny again so it will be melting more. Sorry to say but my sled is parked unless we get more snow.

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