I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sugar Camp and Sayner trails. St. Germain and Sayner groomed their trails I rode last night.  Eagle River groomed some but not others. Sugar Camp has groomed recently. The trails I rode ranged from smooth and beautiful to having some small bumps in areas to bumpy. Even some of the freshly groomed ones still had bumps. I’m guessing this is from the warm up Sunday when the trails got bumpy and then froze that way. Now the groomers aren’t able to knock those bumps completely down. Some trails had an icy feel to them while others had more of a loose feel. Seeing more corners that are getting pushed out making them icy and/or thin on snow on the insides. My carbides did scrape on some. There are some beautiful trails that are smooth and all white. Then there are areas of snirt showing up making the trail brownish.

Plowed road trails are in poor to fair condition. A lot of them are showing areas of bare pavement (from small patches to big spots). The ones I rode had an ice base with some bare spots and very little to no loose snow on them.

Most lakes in the area marked. If a lake is not marked or you’re not sure about the ice, consider it unsafe. Starting to see a lot of slush coming up on lakes. Where sleds and ice fishermen on ATVs have driven through it’s refreezing leaving some nasty ruts.

Some new snow would be great to freshen things up and give the groomers to work with.

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