Vilas County trails open up at 9am Saturday and most Oneida County trails open up at 5pm Saturday. We only ended up getting about 2 1/2 inches of snow yesterday morning and then we had light rain all day yesterday. It turned into a more steady rain by late last night. The bad thing is that we never dropped below freezing last night so there was melting. The good thing is the moisture we had made our snow pack in better and this should give us a good base when it freezes up. Temps are in the mid 20s now and suppose to drop all day so lets hope this sets up for a great base and we get more snow on top of it. St. Germain did pan/groom last night. Trails that had snow on them should have an ok base. Trails that were thin on snow will be marginal. It will definitely be early season riding and expect icy trails where there is a base.

More lakes are now marked. Little St. Germain is marked too.

The forecast looks to cool us down and stay cold for awhile.

We’ll try to get out in the next couple of days to see how trails are holding up.

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