Temps have finally cooled back below freezing again so things are freezing up again. We both headed out in different directions to see how the trails held up during the thaw hitting some St. Germain, Sayner and Eagle River trails. Overall, the ones we rode held up and are still mostly in good condition. The plowed road trails are what took the hit. Some still have an ice base while others are more bare pavement than ice. All trails we rode were groomed and were smooth. Trails had a solid feel to them today since they went from soft from the thaw to frozen. There are some small bare spots – usually where the groomer drag scraped through the base into the ground. There’s some areas of snirt but not too bad yet. Most areas are still mostly white with good snow cover.

Most lakes are not marked and should be considered unsafe. Please stay off the lakes until they are marked. There are some pockets of deep slush in areas.

Riding is still good right now but with the lakes not being safe yet, you’ll have to choose your route a little more carefully. The forecast is looking scary for this weekend so if you can ride now – do it!

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