After hearing comments from riders that trails aren’t too bad I decided to head out for a ride to see how conditions are. Things have frozen up solid after last weekend’s thaw. We had some snow showers yesterday and today but only added up to maybe a quarter of an inch. I hit some St. Germain and Lake Tomahawk trails. Looks like both clubs have groomed since the thaw. Some trails were pretty smooth while others were bumpy. If I could only use one word to describe conditions I’d say icy. Majority of the trails I rode still have a solid ice base with little loose snow on top. A concern is if there is enough for the slides and to cool the sled. I have a single ice scratcher on my sled and on certain stretches, my engine temp was getting pretty hot. Other stretches it ran at normal temps. There are bare spots – in open areas and on the insides of some corners. There is snirt in areas making the trail brownish. I did find stretches that are still mostly white. Some trails had a twithcy or jerky feel to them from ruts that the carbides would catch in while others were fine. You’ll see some corners that are very icy.

Plowed road trails are the biggest problem area. There is a lot of bare pavement. Areas that still have a base are just bare ice with no snow.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being I wouldn’t ride to 10 being I want to ride all day – I’d give the trails an overall 3.5 (my rating might be a little low because trails have been so nice this year that i’m spoiled by the good conditions). You can still ride and will find some good trails out there. Unfortunately, there is a lot more fair and poor spots. Do your best to avoid plowed road trails… Another warm up is predicted for Sunday so if you can ride now – do it, don’t know how many more warm days the trails can take…


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