Q. Do you rent pontoon boats and outboard motors?
A. Yes, we rent 6 pontoon boats from 12 to 18 ft long and also 8 HP outboard motors. For details on our boat and motor rentals click on Rental Boats/Motors.

Q. Can I bring my own boat and is there a charge?
A. Yes you can bring your boat. There will only be a charge if you need more than 2 mooring spots. We can’t guarantee the availability of extra mooring spots.

Q. Is there a boat launch at the resort?
A. No there isn’t one at the resort. The public boat launch is 3 miles from the resort.

Q. When do you take guests water skiing?
A. Weather permitting we take guests water skiing Monday thru Friday from June 17th to August 19th. Waterskiing starts at 9:30 AM. We go until we’re out of skiers with each person getting one turn each day.

Q. When is the best time to come up fishing?
A. The best fishing is usually from mid May through mid June. December ice fishing can also be excellent. September and October would be the next best fishing time.

Q. Where can I golf in the area?
A. There are 7 golf courses within 20 miles of the resort.

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