Snowmobile Trail Report for Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The snow kept falling through yesterday morning and some snow showers into the afternoon. We ended up getting a total of 2 inches between Monday night and Tuesday. I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, St. Germain, Eagle River, Conover and Land O’ Lakes trails to see how they were. Eagle River, St. Germain and Conover groomed and their trails were smooth and packed in pretty tight. Sayner hadn’t groomed and their trails were getting bumpy, were soft and a lot of corners were pushed out. This new snow did help but it’s still a mixed bag of conditions out there ranging from poor to very good. I’m going with an overall fair rating. Watch out for corners as they are getting pushed out making them icy or thin on snow. On a frustrating note: Saw some areas where there were some street sweepers (riders who constantly spin their tracks) out after the groomers who destroyed the trails. Some trails are browner, snirty and not as white. There are some nice stretches out there. I found some that are very good and would be very happy to ride theses all day. Expect to find varying conditions if you ride.

More lakes are getting marked. Stay off a lake until it’s marked. There are some frozen slush areas that have ruts so be careful.

The groomers have done an excellent job with the amount of snow we have to get the trails into decent shape. Despite the poor spots trails are rideable. However, if you are very picky about conditions and want all white with no bumps, then you won’t be happy. More snow would really help the trails.

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