Snowmobile Trail Report for Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today is suppose to be the last day of the thaw! Hopefully the forecasters will get this one right. We received a dusting of snow between last night and today as this latest storm went south of us. Right now trails are a mix of slush, very wet snow, snirt, puddles and bare ground. Lakes are a sloppy mess of puddles and slush. While some areas are holding a base, more is deteriorating. The good news is colder weather is coming and should freeze things back up. We’ve heard that several clubs have groomed or are grooming to try to smooth things out before they freeze back up. Where there is still a base, the refreeze should be a good foundation and we’ll just need a little snow for cooling and for the slides. Where there’s bare ground we’ll need at least several inches of snow to get them good again.

Once the cold is here pray for snow. Our sleds are parked until things improve.

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