Snowmobile Trail report for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About a half inch of snow fell last night. It’s been almost 2 weeks since our last snowfall so it’s a very welcome sight. We both headed out for rides hitting  some Eagle River, Conover, Lake Tomahawk, Sayner, Arbor Vitae and St. Germain trails.  All trails were recently groomed (it looks like Eagle River was the only one of these clubs that groomed last night) and most of them were mostly smooth but there was some chop.  Today there were more corners getting pushed out and icy or thin on snow so did hear the carbides scrape. It’s been a few days since either of us rode and we noticed that there are more areas where the snow is brown from snirt. We have a good base but with almost 2 weeks of no snow and a decent amount of traffic, trails are showing wear. There’s still lots of good to very good riding but we could definitely use some more snow to freshen the trails up and give the groomers more to work with.

Note: In some pics the trails will look whiter than they are due to the fresh snow.

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