Snowmobile Trail report for Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We picked up a couple inches of snow yesterday afternoon/evening so I headed out for a ride to see how the trails are hitting some Sayner,  St. Germain, Eagle River and Sugar Camp trails. None of the trails I rode had been groomed. Overall I’m giving the trails a fair rating. The new snow is light and fluffy so it will help lube the slides and cool the sleds, but won’t do much to help the areas that need more snow. Most trails were smooth overall but starting to get some bumps in areas. You will find a mixed bag of trails right now. There are some good to even very good stretches but then there’s some poor and just plain bad areas. Of the trails I rode, the plowed road ones were the worst. There was lots of bare pavement before and this snow didn’t pack down so you’ll still scrape a lot. Trails looked deceiving today – the new snow made them look nice but that wasn’t always the case. Coming into some corners and on some open areas the sled would suddenly slow down as the carbides went into the bare ground under the snow.  That was an issue with the new snow – hard to tell what was still nice and what was bare. There are also icy areas. Bottom line is this: where the trail held a base it will be fair to good riding. Where it was bare or icy will be poor to bad.

If you pick your routes carefully you can still find some decent to good  riding. However, it’s late season riding which means you’ll have to ride some bad (you will find bare spots) to get to the good.

Note: The barrels on Little St. Germain lake have been taken down. I’m not sure about other lakes but if you don’t know a lake and it’s not marked, best to take a different route.

I’m hesitant to post pictures today because they will make some trails look much better than they are.

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