Snowmobile Trail Report for Thursday, January 19, 2017

I headed our for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. St. Germain and Sayner groomed. Eagle River and Lake Tomahawk had groomed the night before. Lake Tomahawk trails had some bumps but the other were all pretty smooth.  The warm weather continued yesterday as the temp hit 40 with sunny skies. It did cool off into the mid 20′s last night some things firmed back up. There was some more melting yesterday but trails held up better than I thought. Some corners, open areas and plowed road trails are seeing some melting but other areas are holding up fine. I’m still going with a good overall rating. Most I rode are good to very good, some excellent and then some fair areas. Some corners saw some melting and there was a little bare ground on the very inside. Groomers are doing their best to pull snow back onto these areas. Some areas are looking pretty brown from snirt. Others are still all white and really nice. For the best conditions stay away from towns, heavily traveled trails and ones along roadways as these will tend to be more in the fair category.

Plowed road trails are getting some bare spots in areas but so far were holding okay.

Saw a little more slush areas on the lakes but the packed down areas still don’t have much.

While the trails were good this morning, temps are suppose to be warm again so there will more melting today. Conditions can change quickly so we’ll have to see how things hold up to this thaw. Hope for colder weather…

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