Snowmobile Trail Report for Thursday, January 14, 2016

It keeps snowing a little at a time up here and we got about an inch of fluffy snow from yesterday afternoon and last night. I headed out for a ride to check trails hitting Sayner, Lake Tomahwak and St. Germain trails. Sayner had panned their trails and they were smoother overall but still had bumps and ruts in them.  I’m going to say conditions range  from poor up to good with most in the fair category. My carbides did scrape in spots but not as much as I thought they would. Majority of the trails I rode now have an icy and /or hard packed snow base. It’s not a really thick base, but it’s what the trails need. I found some good stretches that were smooth overall with a solid base and few spots thin on snow. Most of the trails were fair with some base but it’s getting thin or wore through in areas. A lot of these areas have bumps but there isn’t enough snow on the trails to groom them. The insides of some corners are getting icy and some have thin areas on snow. The poor areas I saw had some bare ground or where there are ruts from trucks driving on the trail in the off season. These ruts need more snow to fill them in. The plowed road trails I rode have a layer of ice so didn’t scrape the carbides too much.

I know most people simply want to know if they should make the drive up to go riding. This depends on the type of conditions you have to have. If you want all white trails then don’t even consider. If you need all smooth trails – you won’t find them. If you are prepared for early season conditions knowing there will be good areas, some trails thin on snow and some rough trails because the groomers need more snow to go out, then come on up.

Most lakes are still NOT safe to ride on yet so wait until they’re marked. So far, Pickerel Lake is the only lake that is marked in the area.


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Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground