Snowmobile Trail Report for Thursday, December 29, 2016

I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, St. Germain, Conover and Eagle River trails. All of these clubs had groomed last night. Trails were powdery today with the warmer temps last night and didn’t get set up very good from the grooming. More corners were pushed out and icy and carbides scraped. Also was scraping on some trails that don’t have a decent base. More trails were snirty and getting browner. With the heavy traffic, trails will get beat up and bumpy today. I did find several trails that were all white and great to ride and had corners that had plenty of snow.

I’m going to give the trails an overall fair rating. Some were good while others were fair with a poor stretch here and there.  There are still some thin areas – mainly on the insides of corners where the carbides will scrape. It’s a mixed bag out there. You will find some very good to good to ok to fair to poor  areas.

More lakes are now marked with most St. Germain area lakes marked too. Please stay off a lake until it’s marked.

Now that we have more of a base on the trails it won’t take much snow to see the trails move into the good to very good category. A few inches would really be nice…

IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2178

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