Snowmobile Trail Report for Saturday, January 4, 2014

We had some light snow last night. I measured 2 inches at home but there seemed to be a little less as I went north. I hit some St. Germain, Sayner, Conover and Eagle River trails. St. Germain, Conover and Sayner had groomed or were grooming their their trails I rode. With the fresh snow and warmer temps (it was actually 20 this morning) trails were soft. The trails that were groomed last night or this morning were smooth with a bump here and there. Snow had been pulled onto most corners but with the soft conditions some will get pushed out. Eagle River hadn’t groomed and their trails I rode ranged from pretty smooth to some chop to a few stretches that were getting rough. I did hear the carbides scrape more today and also found more stretches that are getting brownish from snirt.

I’ll still give trails an overall good rating but did notice that there were more fair areas today that last time I rode. The insides of more corners are definitely showing wear from the traffic making them icy or thin on snow. That being said there are still plenty of areas in the good to excellent category.  Some very cold temps are predicted starting tonight and lasting for the next few days. This will help firm the trails up again.









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