Snowmobile Trail Report for Saturday, January 3, 2015

I went for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Conover and Sayner trails. All these clubs groomed their trails. What a difference a day can make. Traffic was very heavy yesterday and the trails took a pounding. Even some freshly groomed trails still had remnants of bumps which the groomers weren’t able to completely smooth out. There are a lot of corners that are pushed/blown out making them either icy or thin on snow on the insides. I was scraping the carbides in the corners today. There was more snirt showing given some trails a brownish tint to them. It was also warmer this morning so trails were loose and not as packed in. Even though the temp was only 20, I had to deal with freezing drizzle.

I’m not going to give an overall rating today on the trails. You’ll see everything from fair up to excellent. Bottom line is the groomers can’t keep up with the traffic right now so expect to find some bumpy trails and pushed out corners. Your best best is to find trails that aren’t main corridor trails or wider more open ones. Tight, twisty stretches and town trails will be the roughest. The good news is that after today traffic should lighten up which will give the groomers a chance to catch up. Add in really cold weather predicted and trails should improve this week to most being in the good category.

The cold weather we had this past week has helped freeze up some of the swamp and wet areas allowing the groomers to cross them. There are still some that aren’t safe for groomers yet but hopefully after this coming cold stretch, they’ll all be froze solid.

Lakes are pretty good but there are some slush pockets in spots. Also watch out for ice fishermen who leave frozen mounds on the trails.

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Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground