Snowmobile Trail Report for Saturday, February 7, 2015

I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Lake Tomahawk and Minocqua/Woodruff trails. All the trails I rode were groomed – even saw a Minocqua/Woodruff groomer. I did pass by an Eagle River trail at one of the intersections and it had fresh groomer tracks on it.

Traffic was fairly heavy yesterday and the trails are showing some more wear. Corners suffer the most as sleds push or blow them out making them icy or thin on snow. I was scraping the carbides on quite a few of them. Groomers are doing a good job with the snow we have and are trying to pull more onto the trail where possible – especially on the corners. It’s been a while since we’ve had snow so certain areas don’t have much to work with. There are trails that still have good snow cover and the corners are holding fine. Some trails look pretty brown from the snirt while others are all white. Conditions range from a few poor spots up to some very good to excellent. Plowed road trails are icy, getting thin in spots and have almost no loose snow on them. Lakes are pretty bumpy.

There is still good riding out there. Your best best is to stay away from main corridor trails and out of the towns. Also look for wider, more open trails. The narrow, tight twisty ones are pretty beat up. Some fresh snow would be great to freshen things up and give the groomers more to work with.

Note: I found a saddlebag on Little St. Germain Lake this morning. Send an e-mail if you lost one:

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