Snowmobile Trail Report for Monday, March 2, 2015

I headed out for a ride hitting some Sayner, Eagle River, Conover and St. Germain trails. The St. Germain and Conver trails I rode were groomed and smooth. Sayner looked like they groomed the night before but their trails were still smooth. I hit a couple Eagle River trails. One was groomed and smooth while the other hadn’t been groomed and was getting some bumps.

If you’ve been riding this area you can tell it’s been a while since we’ve had a decent snow fall. It seems like every weekend the trails get beat up and then the groomers get things back into the best condition they can. However, after each weekend it seems like there’s more fair spots and fewer good ones. One thing you notice is more snirt on the trails. there is a brownish tint in many areas and some are pretty brown. I noticed riding yesterday and today that the carbides are scraping more – not a lot but definitely more noticeable. You’ll also find more icy corners and some getting thin on snow on the insides. This being said, there are still plenty of good stretches out there and even some very good. Some new snow would be really nice to freshen things up and give the groomers more to work with. Lakes are in good shape but plowed road trails are getting thin.

It’s March and the end of the season is closing in. Come up and enjoy it as we never know how long the season will last.

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