Snowmobile Trail Report for Monday, December 22, 2014

We picked up 2 inches of snow between yesterday and last night. It’s a good snow meaning it’s on the wet side – not the light fluffy kind. I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Conover trails.

It’s a mixed bag of conditions out there. We are still recovering from the thaw just over a week ago.  Conditions range from poor up to some very good. Most are in the fair range. Some areas have adequate snow while others are very thin on snow and you will see some bare spots here and there. Be careful of ruts – especially where trucks drove on the trail during or right after the thaw leaving some nasty ruts which will need snow to fill in. There were some nice stretches that I wanted to turn around and ride again and others that I couldn’t wait to get off.

One concern I have is how the trails will hold up with traffic. There haven’t been many sleds out yet but I can see areas that are already getting thin. Areas with little to no base won’t hold up long without more snow.

The plowed road trails have a thin layer of ice but almost no loose snow. There are some bare spots.

I rode a couple lakes today. They are overall smooth (except for a few ruts from sleds and ATVs that were on them right after the thaw) with some snow and some bare ice. Please stay off lakes until they are marked.

This new snow will definitely help the trails. Since it’s wet it should pack in and also help cover areas thin on snow. None of the clubs I rode had groomers out last night. Not sure if this is enough snow to get them out but if they can pack it down it will help. My opinion is that another 2-4 inches of snow will get most trails into the good category. Hopefully it will come soon.

Note: Trails in Vilas county are open. However, trails in Oneida county (just to our south) are closed. A guide to use is trails north of Hwy 70 will be in Vilas County whereas trails south of Hwy 70 will be in Oneida county.

Trails is Oneida County will open tomorrow December 23, 2014 at 5pm.

When looking at the pictures: some will make the trails look whiter than they are due to the fresh snow.

IMG_20141222_075638_004 IMG_20141222_081027_054 IMG_20141222_085330_692 IMG_20141222_085724_145

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