Snowmobile Trail Report for Friday, March 6, 2015

I headed our for a ride this morning hitting Sayner, Arbor Vitae and St. Germain trails. All of them had been groomed within the last day or two so were pretty smooth. There were some bumps that the groomers can’t get out as there are areas where there is not enough snow to work with. Other areas all are all white and have plenty of snow. There are others that are mostly brown. Trails were packed in nice with the colder temps

I’d say most trails are still in the fair to good range with some bad to poor and some good to very good. There are more areas where you’ll see snirt on the trails. There is a brownish tint in many areas and some are pretty brown.  You’ll also find more icy corners and some getting thin on snow on the insides. This being said, there are still plenty of good stretches out there and even some very good.  Lakes are in good shape but plowed road trails are getting thin.

It’s March and the end of the season is closing in. Come up and enjoy it as we never know how long the season will last as there is a warm up predicted for next week.

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