Snowmobile Trail Report for Friday, January 2, 2015

I headed out for a ride hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. St. Germain, Eagle River and Sayner groomed their trails I rode. They were smooth, packed in tight with the cold temps and overall a blast to ride. Then I made the mistake of riding a Lake Tomahawk trail. That one hasn’t been groomed in a while so it was bumpy. I also passed another Lake Tomahawk trail an it hadn’t been groomed either. I’m giving the groomed trails an overall good rating with some excellent stretches. There are a few fair spots.  Most trails have good snow cover with the occasional thin spot – mainly on the inside of corners. You will scrape the carbides once in a while. As more sleds go on a trail expect to see some corners get pushed out making some icy. There is some snirt in areas but most areas are white with enough snow. Some stretches are beautiful and you’ll want to turn around and ride again.

It’s the holiday time and traffic is heavy. Trail conditions will vary greatly with all the sleds out. A trail might be good in early afternoon but bumpy by late afternoon. You’ll also see some corners getting pushed out with some being icy and others thin on snow. For best riding, trail to avoid main corridor trails.

Lakes are in pretty good shape but there is some slush in areas. One bad spot on several lakes are the access points. A lot of them have a drop from the bank to the ice making it difficult to get off the lake. There are also some of these areas that have slush and puddles right as you get on the lake. Most lakes are marked. Please stay off lakes until they are marked.

Another area of concern this year are the swamps. We had a very wet year filling most with water. The early snows have insulated these areas so they haven’t been able to freeze solid. This means the groomers are unable to cross them, or if they do leave ruts and puddles. There are a few that still have standing water and some of these sections of trail are closed. If you’re riding on a nice smooth trail and suddenly it gets really bumpy like it hasn’t been groomed it means there’s probably a low area ahead that the groomer can’t cross. Groomers have done a good job in trying to minimize these stretches by coming in from both sides and even backing up a ways to smooth out what they can.

Get out and enjoy the trails!









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